IDP-3 scroll pump for Turbo 597X GC/MSD

The Agilent IDP-3 Dry Pump provides an affordable, oil-free vacuum that has been qualified for existing Agilent 5977, 5975, and 5973 GC/MSD systems. The pump creates a vacuum using a simple dual scroll mechanism—one nested scroll orbits around the other, creating moving zones of captured gas. Gas enters the scroll pump at the perimeter and is displaced and compressed toward the center hub, where it is exhausted creating low ultimate pressure at high speed.

This unique solution eliminates the many issues surrounding oil pump maintenance like leaks, disposal costs, mess, and safety concerns. The IDP-3 Dry Pump only requires replacement of two tip seals and a single o-ring. This simple maintenance procedure is clean and can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes by anyone with modest mechanical skills. 


- Delivers better vacuum performance than other pumps of similar size

- No risk of Oil Leakage

- No costs and safety concerns of Oil Disposal

- Low power requirements 

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